Welcome to the GOODDLER TOUR - Elite one day 226 miles fundraising bike ride from San Francisco to Truckee. 

The tour takes place once a year some time during the summer and ONLY expert and elite level rides are encouraged to register. Even though 226 miles is not the longest some of us ever rode, the specifics of this ride make Gooddler Tour one of the toughest events you have ever entered. Do not be misguided by rather mild statistics of the past rides. It is not really 13,000ft of climbing over more than 200 miles, it is more like 10,000ft of climbing going straight uphill over the last 70 miles.

Variety of temperatures, from morning Bay Area cold (~40F) to super hot Sacramento Valley (~+100F) and back to super cold mountain temps (~30F-40F), makes it hard to swallow even for the strongest. Diverse terrain is another challenge. Riding through little towns' dirty roads, open spaces and narrow roads in the Sierras will test your handling skills and patience. Add to all of that riding in the dark and you get the whole package a few other rides have to offer. 

... but rewards are endless. You will be all year hot topic at all cocktail parties you go. After all, every Californian drove from Bay Area to Tahoe at least once and for most it is too long even by car.

Oh, yes, and don't forget a certificate you will receive upon the completion of the journey.